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ADS-B Installation


ADS-B Installation

The new technology ADS-B also known as Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast will become the next generation of technology for all FAA aircraft. The ADS-B sends out a transmission to the ATC radar showing the whereabouts of the plane when struck by the radar system showing the position, altitude, and specific code verifying the aircraft. This next generation technology will increase the situational awareness of the pilot and Air Traffic Controllers.


Airline ADS-B Installation

Even though some general aviation aircraft under a Class A airspace would not need the upgrade by January 1, 2020. Airlines have until January 2nd, 2020 to have planes fly with the ADS-B Out transponders. Airlines do have a 5 year grace period but only depending on how big their fleet may be. 1Vision has certified engineers and mechanics able to fill your orders of installing the new ADS-B Out transponders so your fleet will be up to standards and regulations with the FAA. Our highly skilled maintenance crew will have your aircrafts out in no time so no flight will be missed. 


General Aviation ADS-B Installation

When flying general aviation an ADS-B transponder will be a great fit for your aircraft. Aircraft with ADS-B will be able to fly into any air space in the United states and Canada region. The value of aircraft will stay or go up once the deadline of January 1st, 2020 when all planes are required to fly with ADS-B transponders, while other aircraft without ADS-B transponders will fall in value. The ADS-B transponders give out a precise location, Altitude, and code for the safety and security for the pilot and ATC operators. It gives out a ping to any radar picking it up every one second for an accurate location and position of the aircraft. For Class A airspace aircraft, a Mode S extended squitter (1090 MHz) ADS-B transponder will be required.

ADS-B iNSTAllation

Class A airspace aircraft will require a Mode S extended squitter (1090 MHz) ADS-B Out transponder for flying in any airspace in the United States or Canada. Any aircraft not a Class A won’t be required to install one but it is still recommend by the FAA. <a rel="nofollow" href="(your link goes here)" target="_blank">(your text goes here)</a>