When it comes to meeting your aviation needs, the instruction, the mechanical and the aesthetics, you can count on 1 Vision Aviation to ensure the job is dealt with properly and with care.


Flight Instruction


Flight Instruction

Have you ever thought about becoming a pilot? 

  Do you want to step up to that next rating? 

  Do you want to fly more safely?

1 Vision Flight Academy can help you realize your dreams.


Private Pilot Lessons 1

Following a robust yet personalized part 61 training program, we will help earn your FAA Private Pilot License.  From learning the joy and fundamentals of flight, to developing into a complete and professional pilot, to moving beyond flight proficiency towards mastery, we will help you start your journey into the amazing field of aviation.  Ground and Flight training is available seven days a week to fit your busy schedule.


Instrument Rating 2

Have the clouds put a damper on too many flights? Are you ready to fine tune your flying skills? Do you need to fly for business irrespective of the weather?  If so, by obtaining your instrument rating, you will learn how to fly safely in all kinds of weather and improve your overall flying skills.  


Commercial Pilot Lessons 3

Are you ready to take the next step in your flying career?  Do you want to fly for the major airlines? Do you want to improve your flight skills? Commercial pilots are in high demand, with over 500,000 pilots needed in the next 15 years.  Following a regimented yet flexible program, we will help you fly to the standards stipulated in the Commercial Pilot Airmen Certification Standards.


F.A.A. Flight Review & Instrument Proficiency Checks4

One of the biggest challenges with being a pilot is doing more than maintaining our flying skills.  We will work with you to help you become the best and safest pilot you can be. Following the guidelines stipulated by the FAA in Advisory Circular 61-98D, we will provide the needed ground and flight training required to meet FAR 61.56 (a), (c) and (d).  We actively adapt the training to be both legal and most beneficial.